Vernon Dursley
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Mr. Dursley

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Director of Grunnings

"Mr. Dursley was the director of a firm called Grunnings, which made drills. He was a big, beefy man with hardly any neck, although he did have a very large moustache."
—A summary of Vernon Dursley.[src]

Mr. Vernon Dursley was a muggle and the patriarch of the Dursley family. He owned the drill-making company Grunnings. He owned a briefcase and an extremely boring tie, which he wore whilst driving to work in his car one morning.

Personality and traitsEdit

He was a rather rude, selfish man, as he spent his whole morning yelling at people, although he also seemed to be quite worrisome and paranoid such as that he was frightened of his wife when he mentioned her family.

Physical appearanceEdit

Vernon was rather large and "beefy", with hardly any neck and a rather large moustache.


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