Transfiguration is the magical art of changing the properties of something. It is described as immensely difficult and dangerous by its practitioners[1] but is quite useful when mastered. It is an art in which you transform something or someone into something else.


There are four known varieties of Transfiguration; they are:


One of the simpler varieties of Transfiguration, transformation refers to the alteration of one pre-existing object into another.


Described as the most difficult branch of Transfiguration[2], conjuration is the art of producing something from thin air.


The ability to cause something to disappear into thin air is rather difficult[2], but is nonetheless quite important; it is called vanishment.


Untransfiguration is not truly a branch of Transfiguration, but rather the reversal of a previously done transfiguration.


Notes and referencesEdit

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