Nymphadora Tonks
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Physical information






Hair colour

Variable (generally Bubble gum pink) [1]

Eye colour

Variable (generally Dark, twinkling eyes) [1]

Skin colour

Variable (generally quite pale) [1]

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Family members

Nymphadora Tonks, who prefers to be known by her surname only, is a witch and a member of the Advance Guard[1]. She received her unique given name from her mother Andromeda, and resented it for the rest of her life[1].

Physical appearanceEdit

Tonks had a light, heart-shaped face, twinkling dark eyes and spiky pink hair[1]. As a Metamorphmagus, she had the ability to change every aspect of her physical appearance at will and therefore had no set hair, eye or skin colour[1].

Personality and traitsEdit

Tonks appeared to be a fun-loving, carefree woman, and did not seem in the slightest perturbed by serious situations; when Alastor Moody warned Harry Potter that putting one's wand in their back pocket can result in the loss of one's buttock, Tonks asked with notable interest who he knew that had lost a buttock[1]. She rolled her eyes when his back was turned and seemed to enjoy mimicking his serious behaviour in a comical way behind his back[1].

She was quite helpful, always willing to assist others where needed such as helping Harry pack his belongings when the Advance Guard came to collect him[1]. She was also exceptionally curious, staring around with great interest as she wandered through the Dursleys' house[1]. She was not very tidy, a trait she inherited from her father, although she did make an effort to teach her socks how to fold themselves[1].


Notes and referencesEdit

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